Machined Products

Machined Products

Mayday Manufacturing has over 50 years of expertise in producing precision bushings, sleeves, pins, and other close-tolerance machined parts for the aerospace industry. Mayday is also experienced in the production of parts with milled features such as flange flats, slots, grooves, notches, tangs, and more. Mayday made its name providing straight-forward, simple, turned parts of the highest quality products available. Over the past two decades, however, we have risen above our competition by producing complex close-tolerance aircraft components out of high-risk raw materials.

Mayday has produced over 130,000 different parts numbers for most of the major military and commercial aerospace design groups in the world. We currently serve 600 customers in 18 countries. Our clients trust us to produce a superior component within a reasonable period of time and ship within demanding schedules.

Mayday Manufacturing has perfected the science of producing aircraft bushings to fit any application. Our vertically integrated manufacturing facility enables us to quickly produce airplane bushings to fit any specification. We have experience producing bushings for integration with existing aircraft systems, and can create new varieties of aircraft bushings to exacting standards.

Mayday is a leading innovator in manufacturing processes. Our facility is housed in a single location, where parts are taken from concept to completion. Our new factory also includes capabilities for a wide variety of finishing processes.

Mayday Manufacturing creates pins for airplanes of all kinds. We have produced hundreds of thousands of aircraft pins since our founding in 1966. Our experience gives us the ability to fulfill virtually any order, and our investment in vertical integration ensures production of your aircraft pins will be expedient. We also have access to a vast array of finishing processes on-site, further improving value and reducing delivery times.

Mayday Manufacturing has produced hundreds of thousands of aircraft sleeves over the past 50 years. The complexity of modern aircraft means there is a near-infinite range of specifications for airplane sleeves. Mayday has invested in infrastructure capable of producing sleeves, or any other aircraft component, to fit the specific needs of each of our clients.

Mayday takes a vertically integrated approach to manufacturing, meaning each part we produce begins as a concept on one end of our factory and emerges as a precision machined part at the other. The comprehensive capabilities Mayday has developed allow us to reduce lead time and reworking, delivering more value and faster turnaround times to our customers.

Mayday Manufacturing has a long history of producing the highest quality turned metal parts. Over the years, our lathes have produced hundreds of thousands of turned metal airplane parts. Because our entire manufacturing facility is housed under a single roof, we can easily incorporate milling to incorporate virtually any feature into our turned metal aircraft parts, including: flange flats, slots, grooves, notches, tangs and more.

Producing high quality airplane parts has been the mission of Mayday Manufacturing for over 50 years. We have developed vertically integrated processes which speed production of aircraft parts and reduce the need for reworking. Through our sister company, Hi-Tech Metal Finishing, we can even offer a wide range of finishing options in-house.


Landing Gear
Components for landing gear are Mayday’s specialty. Our parts handle the stress of repeated landings with ease, giving pilots and manufacturers peace of mind.

The precision with which Mayday manufactures our parts is unsurpassed. Every aircraft wing component we produce is designed to exceed the aviation industry’s stringent expectations.

Given the specifications, Mayday can produce actuator parts which integrate seamlessly with any existing systems or push the boundaries within innovative new actuator systems.

Engine Mounts
Reliable aircraft engine mount parts are a must for all airplanes. Mayday is certified to ensure quality in each engine mount component — we guarantee reliability by delivering perfection.

Rotary Head Components
Our facility’s build-to-print capability means we can produce rotary head parts to fit virtually any aircraft setup without involving outside contractors, decreasing lead time for production.

Flight Controls
Mayday Manufacturing has witnessed the evolution of flight controls for nearly 50 years. As systems have evolved, so have our processes. Our flight control components are made to order.

APU Mounts
Our commitment to manufacturing top quality APU mount parts ensures the auxiliary systems of modern aircraft are never taken offline due to faulty components.


Mayday Manufacturing’s investment in production infrastructure allows us to offer products to customers in the form of kits. Kits are large lists of parts, typically in a sub-assembly, consolidated into a single box with an individual part number. Kits save time in the assembly process by reducing time spent gathering components prior to assembly. Mayday offers kits ranging from two parts to 20 or more, and can work with customers to design special boxes — or placement within boxes — for parts, further expediting assembly. Oversized and customized parts may be added within kits using our custom kitting option. This allows small alterations within the component manufacturing process. However, each custom component must be inspected, certified and paid for individually before being included in a kit.

Machined Products
Machined Products
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Become a Part of the Mayday Team!

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