Mayday Manufacturing has nearly 50 years of expertise in producing precision bushings, sleeves, pins, and other close-tolerance machined parts for the aerospace industry. Mayday is also experienced in the production of parts with milled features such as flange flats, slots, grooves, notches, tangs, and more. Mayday made its name providing straight-forward, simple, turned parts of the highest quality products available. Over the past two decades, however, we have risen above our competition by producing complex close-tolerance aircraft components out of high-risk raw materials.

Mayday has produced over 130,000 different parts numbers for most of the major military and commercial aerospace design groups in the world. We currently serve 850 customers in 18 countries. Our clients trust us to produce a superior component within a reasonable period of time and ship within demanding schedules.


Mayday Manufacturing has perfected the science of producing aircraft bushings to fit any application. Our vertically integrated manufacturing facility enables us to quickly produce airplane bushings to fit your specifications.


Mayday Manufacturing creates pins for airplanes of all kinds. We have produced hundreds of thousands of aircraft pins since our founding in 1966 and we’re certain we can manufacture yours too.


The complexity of modern aircraft means there is a near-infinite range of specifications for sleeves. Mayday is capable of producing sleeves, or any other aircraft component, to fit the specific needs of each of our clients.

Turned Metal Parts

Mayday Manufacturing has a long history of producing the highest quality turned metal parts. Over the years, our lathes have produced hundreds of thousands of turned metal airplane parts.