Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire

The supplier evaluation questionnaire will be used by Mayday Manufacturing as a preliminary evaluation of your capabilities. Completion and submittal of this questionnaire does not constitute an approval of your company as an approved source. Mayday Manufacturing may conduct an on-site survey of your facility after receipt of the questionnaire.

You may fill out our online form below or download this form and return via email here.

  • Section 1 - Organization

  • Enter key personal and contact information:
  • If you are a division or subsidiary, please list name and address of parent organization:
  • List companies and/or agencies which have surveyed and approved your Quality System.
  • Section 2 - Quality Systems and Procedures

  • Per Boeing flow down requirements, we are required to collect the following information from our subcontractors on an annual basis. This is held in the strictest of confidence. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  • If applicable, Name and Address of Cognizant Government Inspection Agency or Contact:
  • Section 3 - Special Processes

  • List all Special Processes performed at this location - and whether each is Mil-Std, ANSI, or other standard.
  • Section 4 - Quality Systems Elements

  • Review of Requirements and Flowdown

  • Inspection

  • Inspection Records

  • Material Control

  • Measuring and Test Equipment

  • Calibrations

  • Procurement Control

  • Inspection Status

  • Packaging/Shipping

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Supplemental Information