Since 1966, Mayday Manufacturing has produced over 130,000 unique aircraft components. Our parts have been a part of nearly every aircraft military and commercial model in the western world. Mayday’s vertically integrated manufacturing process enables us to create parts for a wide variety of airplane systems. Maintenance Repair Operations (MROs) recognize Mayday’s commitment to speed and responsiveness, and our ability to produce short runs of parts.  Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) trust Mayday to deliver components on schedule, ensuring their lines are never shut down due to a missing part. And, working in-house with Hi-Tech Metal Finishing, we offer a wide variety of special processes.

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Applications-LANDING-GEAR Landing Gear

Components for landing gear are Mayday’s specialty. Our parts handle the stress of repeated landings with ease, giving pilots and manufacturers peace of mind.


The precision with which Mayday manufactures our parts is unsurpassed. Every aircraft wing component we produce is designed to exceed the aviation industry’s stringent expectations.


Given the specifications, Mayday can produce actuator parts which integrate seamlessly with any existing systems or push the boundaries within innovative new actuator systems.

Applications-ENGINE-MOUNTSEngine Mounts

Reliable aircraft engine mount parts are a must for all airplanes. Mayday is certified to ensure quality in each engine mount component — we guarantee reliability by delivering perfection.

Applications-ROTARY-HEAD-COMPONENTSRotary Head Components

Our facility’s build-to-print capability means we can produce rotary head parts to fit virtually any aircraft setup without involving outside contractors, decreasing lead time for production.

Applications-FLIGHT-CONTROLSFlight Controls

Mayday Manufacturing has witnessed the evolution of flight controls for nearly 50 years. As systems have evolved, so have our processes. Our flight control components are made to order.

Applications-APU-MOUNTSAPU Mounts

Our commitment  to manufacturing top quality APU mount parts ensures the auxiliary systems of modern aircraft are never taken offline due to faulty components.