Our Facility

Our FacilityMayday Manufacturing is a pioneer of vertical integration in aircraft parts production. Our new 130,000 square foot facility further increased this competitive edge by bringing Mayday and our sister company, Hi-Tech Metal Finishing, under one roof. This modern, temperature controlled, manufacturing facility contains the most advanced machining equipment on the market as well as facilities for zinc nickel, anodizing, cadmium plating, passivation, magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant, and Bell Helicopter Blue Epoxy. Our new facility has increased our efficiency, reduced rework and provided space for continued innovation in the production and finishing of parts for commercial and military aircraft.

Mayday is growing, but our focus on infrastructure allows us to conserve resources and continue to provide the top-notch customer experience our clients have come to expect. Mayday has provided precision bushings, sleeves, pins, and other close-tolerance parts as well as a wide variety of turned metal aircraft parts for most of the world’s aerospace design groups. We serve 850 customers in 18 countries. That reputation, built on excellence and on-time delivery, is at the core of our expansion in the 21st century.